ifmo representatives give presentations and take part in discussions at national and international events, workshops, conferences and discussions, involving panels of experts dealing with futureorientated topics in the scientific, political and public spheres.

"Dialog on the Mobility of Tomorrow"
Organizer: ifmo  
ifmo speaker: Dr. Irene Feige, Frank Hansen ifmo-Team


10 years Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo) – ten years research for the mobility of tomorrow.
On behalf of this anniversary we invited to a dialog on the future of mobility with high ranking participants in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin.
The future challenges concerning mobility as well as the significance of this topic for the economy and for society were viewed from different perspectives. In the morning representatives from business and politics discussed how challenges can be mastered and opportunities used.
From left to right: Dr. Norbert Bensel (Deutsche Bahn AG, Executive Officer Transport and Logistics), Matthias Wissmann (President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry e.v. (VDA)), Håkan Samuelsson( MAN AG, CEO), Conny Czymoch (Moderator),

Agenda, PDF 87 KB (de)

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