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Expert workshop "Changing mobility patterns of young people"
Organizer: ifmo  
ifmo speakers: Dr. Irene Feige
Dr. Tobias Kuhnimhof
Study: "Mobility Y – The Emerging Travel Patterns of Generation Y" Publications
Which are the relevant influencing factors for changes among young adults mobility behavior? How did they impact on mobility behavior? The ifmo research project on altered mobility behavior by young adults had already identified socio-economic factors to play a relevant role in this context. This lead tot he question, which other factors were important here. This was the problem statement for this expert workshop. 22 interdisciplinary experts from various types of institutions (department of transport, corporations, academia) participated in the workshop. According to expert opinion, the following factors had a major influence on young adults mobility in the last years: changes in the transport system, proliferation of ICT, changed framework conditions for social interaction, consumption preferences, attitudes and psychological factors.

Agenda, PDF 27,1 KB (de)

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