The Institute for Mobility Research is a research facility of the BMW Group. Its main task is to initiate cross-modal and interdisciplinary research with an international perspective in the domain of mobility and transport.

Since the BMW Group sees itself as a responsible mobility company, it necessarily also sees its aim as active involvement in a major, complex and networked area of conflicting interests and, thus, conducting future-orientated mobility research for the benefit of all.

ifmo’s aim is to make a contribution towards ensuring sustained mobility in the long term, in a diverse and demanding environment.

ifmo Team

Our work entails initiating and assisting research work, and promoting specialist discussions on current or future-orientated topics relating to science, politics or the public sphere – for example by organising workshops, conferences and discussions involving panels of experts. Please send any questions related to ifmo and its projects to Dr. Irene Feige.

Dr. Irene Feige

Dr. Irene Feige, Head of the Institute

Tel.: +49 89 382-34967

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Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal, PhD student


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