ifmo representatives give presentations and take part in discussions at national and international events, workshops, conferences and discussions, involving panels of experts dealing with futureorientated topics in the scientific, political and public spheres.

ifmo at Science Talk Future of Mobility
Organizer: Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft
und Forschung - Austria
ifmo speaker: Dr. Peter Phleps ifmo-Team


How does the future of mobility look like? Social, economic and technological developments set increasingly complex requirements for the transport system and its efficiency. New technologies can provide an essential contribution for shaping mobility in the future. But technologies alone will not be able to cope with challenges like climate change, lack of resources and demographic changes. Dr. Peter Phleps from ifmo and Prof. Dr. Hermann Knoflacher from Technical University of Vienna joined the podium at a science talk in the Aula der Wissenschaften in Vienna. Moderator of the event was Gabriele Gerhardter, head of innovation and mobility at OEAMTC.
Dr. Peter Phleps talked about the future of mobility
Podium: Dr. Peter Phleps, Gabriele Gerhardter and Prof. Herrmann Knoflacher
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