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International Mountain Summit - BMW Forum: What moves us?
Mobility is a basic need of human beings. But how mobile are we really in our everyday life, in our job and in our leisure time? What is driving us? The BMW forum gave a thought-provoking impulse on occasion of the Kiku. International Mountain Summit to think on how mobility as a means to an end is connected to mobility as end in itself. In this context a bow was drawn from the beginnings of mobility, the movements up to the modern and trend-setting types of mobility, such as e-mobility.
f. l. t.r.: Dr. Peter Phleps, Herbert Dorfmann, Thorsten Mattig, Ralf Exel, Harald Reiterer, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beckmann, Benedikt Böhm ©Piotr Drozdz/IMS
©Piotr Drozdz/IMS
©Piotr Drozdz/IMS
©Piotr Drozdz/IMS
Host: International Mountain Summit Link
ifmo speaker: Dr. Peter Phleps ifmo-Team


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