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Dr. Irene Feige: Transport, Trade and Economic Growth - Coupled or Decoupled?
Over the past decade, the transport industry has been the target of growing criticism over its role in the pollution of the environment, while the advocates of free trade stress the importance of transport in enhancing economic growth and consequently living standards. These starkly contrasting viewpoints have created a dilemma for politicians and business people alike. In order to address this challenge, the first part of this book provides an empirical analysis of the relationship between transport and economic growth, or more specifically, whether the "decoupling" of transport and economic growth is possible. Focusing on growth-oriented transport policy, the second part of this book provides details on the user preferences of logistic managers concerning the characteristics of transport infrastructure and services.
Publisher: ifmo, Berlin May 2007 ISBN 978-3-540-68296-7
Contact: Dr. Irene Feige ifmo-Team
Media Partner: Springer Springer-Verlag
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