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Verkehrsinfrastruktur-Benchmarking Europa – Verkehrsinfrastrukturausstattung und verkehrspolitische Rahmenbedingungen in ausgewählten europäischen Staaten
The performance of transport infrastructure in Germany is generally rated as high by comparison with other countries. Nevertheless, it must be assumed that the national transport infrastructures in Europe differ substantially. This assumption is sustained primarily by the fact that national transport policies have developed very differently despite the risen influence from Brussels.

The main study is only available in German, an English management summary can be found below for download.
Project partners:

Institute for Transport Science at the Westphalian Wilhelm University of Münster (IVM)

KCW GmbH company, Berlin
Publisher: ifmo, Berlin September 2007 ISBN 3-932169-39-5
Contact: Dr. Irene Feige ifmo-Team

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