ifmo bei TEDxZwolle
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ifmo Vertreter: Dr. Peter Phleps ifmo Team
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What will our every-day lives look like in 20 years' time? Back in the nineteen nineties, nobody expected ICT, the internet and mobile telephony to have such huge impact on our lives today. We are on the brink of breakthroughs in nanotechnology, robotics and biotechnology. The independently organized TEDx event in Zwolle focused on future technologies for a better life. 15 speakers, including the two time Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, talked to 150 invited guest at Deltion College and an additional online audience via live stream. Dr. Peter Phleps inspired the audience with talking about the effects of fully autonomous vehicles on the future mobility environment.
150 Zuhörer ließen sich von 15 geladenen internationalen Vortragenden im Deltion College in Zwolle inspirieren
Dr. Peter Phleps bei TEDxZwolle: "Würden Sie sich von einem Auto fahren lassen, das vollständig von einem Computer gesteuert wird?"