East-West Freight Traffics 2030
Organizerr: ifmo  
ifmo speaker: Frank Hansen, Dr. Irene Feige ifmo-Team
Study: "East-West Freight Traffics 2030" Publications


The freight volume between Eastern and Western Europe will double in the next twenty years.
This is a core finding of the new ifmo study "East-West Freight Traffics 2030“. Because of its foreign trade and its geographical position within the enlarged EU, Germany plays a key role in this development. But what will be the traffic consequences of this development? Which goods will be transported where, using which transport modes? What will the be the future challenges of these developments for Germany? To answer these questions, the Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo) initiated and commissioned a study on “East-West Freight Traffics 2030” from ProgTrans AG. The first of its kind, the study offers detailed findings about the development of freight traffic between Western and Eastern Europe. It provides a retrospective analysis of traffic flows and development forecasts for the year 2030.
Dr. Walter Hell (ifmo, Director), Frank Hansen (ifmo, Project Manager) and Stephan Kritzinger (ProgTrans AG)

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