Final Presentation "Changing Mobility Patterns of Young People"
Organizer: ifmo  
ifmo speakers: Dr. Irene Feige,
Dr. Tobias Kuhnimhof
Study: "Mobility Y – The Emerging Travel Patterns of Generation Y" Publications


After the mobility of young people in industrialized countries had developed analogous to the generel growth of travel for decades, there was indication of change since the turn of the millennium: Various countries reported decline shares of licensed drivers, vehicle registrations etc. among young adults. Against this background, ifmo analyzed the development of mobility behavior of young adults in industrialized countries throughout four decades. The study confirmed the findings for trend changes in young adults mobility for the study countries USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Norway and Japan. These were analyzed in more detail for Germany. The results showed that socio-economic developments are a main driving force for this development and that changes of travel behavior can be predominantly found among young men.
Dr. Tobias Kuhnimhof presenting the project results
Paneldiskussion. Participants from left to right: Prof. Marcel Hunnecke, Prof. Dirk Zumkeller, Dr. Irene Feige,

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