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The Future of Mobility - Scenarios for China in 2030
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The new study by the Institute for Mobility Research and the RAND Corporation developed two scenarios to envision mobility in China in 2030. In scenario 1, the Great Reset, market-based reform has led to continued but more modest economic growth, with rather strong increases in vehicle ownership despite widespread constraints on driving in urban areas. In scenario 2, Slowing but Growing, an economic downturn led to a period of lower but still sustained, robust growth. Environmental problems continue to affect the quality of life, and travel demand is growing more slowly than previously expected.
Project Partner:

The RAND Corporation
Washington D.C.

Liisa Ecola - RAND Transportation, Space, and Technology Program
Publisher: ifmo & RAND, Munich July 2015  
Contact: Dr. Peter Phleps
Dr. Irene Feige

Study, PDF 2,96 MB (en)

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